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Understanding Winter Storm Alerts

Do you understand the alerts issued by the National Weather Service(NWS)?  Did you know that local offices of the NWS set the criteria to issue warnings, watches, or advisories based on regional standards?  For example, guidelines in the southern states will differ from those in the Northeast.  Regardless of location, the hierarchy is the same.  So, what is more serious – a warning, watch, or advisory?

5 Important Advantages of Ice Melt

It may be March, but it’s never a bad time to consider the benefits of using an ice melt product for winter safety. The advantages of ice melt appeal to homeowners, business owners, and renters alike.

Advantages of Ice Melt

1. It’s affordable

Too often, people make the mistake of choosing not to buy ice melt as a means of saving some money. However, this mistake can be costly. The consequences of not using ice melt during winter weather are much more expensive than the product itself. Stay on the safe side and invest in ice melt each winter season.

Ice Melt: How Much to Apply

Winter snow may look pretty, but it comes with some not so pretty and dangerous outcomes like icy roads and walkways. So, having the correct product for your needs is important. When it comes to ice melt, many people find themselves asking, “How much do I apply?” Good question. First, you need to understand the difference between ice melt and rock salt and know that different temperatures and surfaces require the appropriate product in order to work effectively.…