It is a privilege to provide products and services to our customers.

Autobrine WebsiteIn this time of economic crunch, savings are paramount. For our customers with a Salt Service Agreement, we offer a Loyalty Points Program. Loyalty Points are used by the customer to receive free specialty salt products from The Cope Company.

Customers in select areas accrue Loyalty Points as they purchase salt for their AUTOBrine®. For every ton of loose salt purchased for use in the AUTOBrine®, you receive 5 points which equal $5.00 toward the purchase of bagged specialty salt or ice melt. (Example: 100 tons = $500 value) Call your representative to confirm your point balance or to ask any questions.

Specialty Salt Loyalty Points Credit Program Rules

  • Points accrue with each delivery.
  • Points are redeemable only on products supplied by The Cope Company Salt.
  • Points have no cash value, only credit.
  • When redeeming points, please indicate your request on your purchase order.
  • Customer must be on a qualified Salt & Service Agreement to redeem points.
  • Loyalty point credits accumulate over a 12 month period, July through the following June.
  • Loyalty point credits are based on bulk salt/brine purchase from the previous 12 month period.
  • Loyalty point credits will be calculated on June 30, and available to use for 12 months.
  • Participants will receive a letter each July with available LP credits.

Your Salt & Service Plan is All-Inclusive

When you buy loose salt to be used in the AutoBrine® System, you also receive these complimentary services:

No-Worry Delivery

You never need to requisition salt, check salt levels in tanks, or store pallets of bagged salt, saving time and money. We deliver loose salt to your AutoBrine® System on a monitored schedule using a patented, legal-for-trade truck-mounted scale, worry free!

Facility Expansion

If you are planning to add softeners to your existing facility, we will install up to 150 ft. of connection piping, timers, floats and ball valves to connect the new day-tanks to the AutoBrine® System at no charge!

No Delivery Charge

With The Cope Company Salt, there are no hidden costs for delivery, no surprises!

All-Inclusive Service and Repair

As long as you purchase salt from The Cope Company Salt, there is no charge for service, PM’s, or repairs. This means no unplanned budget expenses for this system.

Tank Cleaning

To ensure the best operation of the system, we clean the brine maker tank at no charge!


When we detect an unusual change in salt/brine usage, we alert the customer. This information may be used to enhance the performance of your softener system.