Customer Programs

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Extended Payment Terms

Cope Salt realizes that our customer’s sometimes have special needs. Based on the amount of snow and ice over the last two winter seasons we have seen a trend in theApproved amount of ice melt inventory needed. It is necessary to buy product earlier in the season and in larger quantities to ensure adequate on hand supply.

Cope recognizes this trend and is introducing new Extended Payment Terms to preferred customers. This is an exclusive benefit to all ice melt customers that had an average payment under 30 days last year. If eligible you can purchase ice melt anytime between now and November 1st and pay by December 1st.

We value our customers and what they do for our community and this is one way that we can make some of the seasonal struggles a little easier.

Call us to find out if you’re eligible for this new program and don’t forget to ask about the Guaranteed Insurance Program to ensure your inventory is ready when you are!

Terms & Conditions

We do not accept credit cards as a form of payment for this program.
This program is only being offered on Ice Melt products.