In The Community – 2018 Review

Starting in 2018 Cope Salt implemented a new way to give back to our communities.  Under the Gift Match Program, the Company will match up to $1500 per employee toward charitable giving.  In 2018, $14,543 was matched! 

These donations contributed toward feeding the poor, providing clean drinking water, battling diseases, assisting veterans, supporting churches, educating children, training entrepreneurs and helping animals.  The donations had an impact locally and abroad. 

The gift match program continues in 2019 where we hope to have an even greater impact. As in 2018, the company will match up to $1500 per employee to eligible organizations.  Monetary gifts are matched dollar for dollar.  Matches are also made based on volunteer time.

In 2019, we would like to promote more opportunities for all our employees to get involved hands-on. We are starting an “Employee Invite Program” that allows our employees to invite other employees and their families to join them as they volunteer.

We are looking forward to contributing to our communities again in 2019!

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