The Cope Company Salt: Performance Blend

Cope Performance Ice Melt Blend

Cope Performance is a proprietary ice melt blend formulation for the Mid-Atlantic Region with potassium chloride (a fertilizer) and coated with a liquid magnesium chloride/CMA mixture to help jump start the melting process. This chloride potassium and liquid magnesium chloride melts to -20° and has a blue-colored coating to ensure visible, proper coverage. Available in 50 lb bags (49 bags per pallet) and 12lb. jugs.

Ice melt blend products bring together granular chlorides, in different percentages, for an unlimited variety of melting mixtures. All blends have their own advantages and melting temperatures based upon the percentages of each chloride used.

Cope Performance Blend mixes potassium chloride with liquid magnesium chloride.  By mixing them together the greatest properties of each make an effective blend to melt snow and ice down to the lowest temperatures.

ice melt blend

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