Ice Melt

Not sure what you need or how to effectively use ice melt?  Check out our Ice Melt Training Video.

Good Better Best Cope Performance Blend MAG Ice Melting Pellets
Ingredients Perfomance blend with liquid coating Calcium chloride Magnesium chloride Sodium chloride
Ideal Use Melting needed quickly and over time Melting in less than an hour Melting near vegetation or pets Large areas away from vegetation with time to melt
Spread Rate 4oz/sq yd 3oz/sq yd 3oz/sq yd 5oz/sq yd
Melting Temperature down to -25 down to -25 down to -13 down to +15
Melting Speed fast fastest fast slowest
Melting Duration longest shortest short long
Spread Flow excellent excellent excellent average
Cleanliness clean most clean most clean least clean
Pet/Plant Safety good better best poor
Corrosiveness medium high lowest high
Cost medium high high lowest

Select the appropriate Ice Melt based on spread rate, melting temperature, melting speed etc.

Mr. Magic®

How to melt ice & snow? A unique formulation of potassium, calcium, magnesium and sodium chlorides and coated with calcium […]