Road Brine Pre-Treatment

Sodium chloride (salt) road brine is now used universally in cold regions as a pre-treating solution prior to ice storms to prevent the bonding of ice to surface areas, which forms black-ice patches. Pre-treating with road brine returns surfaces to normal faster, resulting in fewer accidents and injuries. Salt needs water to work, and brine supplies the moisture to aid in the melting process. Increased efficiency using brine results in using less salt which also minimizes environmental impact.

Advantage of Pre-Treating with Road Brine


Making your own brine saves transportation costs. Salt is spread more evenly and stays where you put it, unlike rock salt. Crews can cover more area by applying before the storm.

Safer Result

Pre-treating returns surfaces to normal faster, resulting in fewer accidents or injuries.

Jumpstarts Melting

Salt needs water to work. Brine supplies the moisture to aid in the melting process.

Increased Efficiency

Using brine results in using less salt, minimizing environmental impact.

Here is what customers say

“We love it! [Pre-treating] works great. We watch the weather and when the township starts pre-treating, so do we. We have a large retirement complex and we cut our ice melt usage and increased our safety by using the brine for pre-treating. We used over 10,000 [brine] gallons last season.”
Shannondell, MQ

“We [pre-treated] all our sidewalks the first season after our system was installed and for the first time, we had NO slip-and-fall injuries due to ice on the walks. The employees love us.”
Lancaster Labs, SH

What is required?

brinetapTap on Brine Line to Draw Brine

This can be added at no charge by The Cope Company Salt. Just give us a call.

brinetap1Spray Equipment

Various types of commercial spray applicators can be used with your existing vehicles. Most customers use small push-cart sprayers, tank-mounted 4-wheelers, or 250-gallon totes on the back of pickup trucks.

How does it work?

Temperature is Important

Road brine works well in the mid-Atlantic region. 100% Brine will work on surface temps down to approximately 15°F and should not be used below this temperature.

Lower Temperatures

To obtain a lower melting point with brine, you can dilute the 100% brine to make an 85% brine by adding 1/2 gallon of fresh water to 4 gallons of 100% brine. 85% brine solution will lower the melting point to –6°F.

Timing is Critical

Watching the weather so the brine can be applied hours before a storm will give the best results. Additional applications can be put down after the ice and snow are removed.