Water Conditioning Salt Products

Do you use 24+ tons of water conditioning salt per year?

If you do, you may be interested in our AUTOBrine® System.

AUTOBrine® is an industry-unique automatic brine system that is a solutionbrine to managing water conditioning salt brine levels. AUTOBrine® is an automatic brine system used in the regeneration process.  AUTOBrine® eliminates the time-consuming, costly and painstaking task of handling bagged salt. No dumping salt bags, no monitoring brine levels.

AUTOBrine also provides cost savings, eliminated worker injuries and promotes your company’s green initiative.

Water Conditioning Salt Product Selection

Other Water Conditioning Products Available (May be special order only)

Solar Extra Coarse
Solar Extra Coarse Crystals
Magco Professional Solar
Professional Solar Salt 25lb. Only
Magco Professional Solar Salt with Rust Remover
Professional Solar Salt with Rust Remover
Water Neutralizer NSF
Water Neutralizer NSF