Bulk & Bagged Salt Delivery

At The Cope Company Salt, we understand that our customers want flexibility when it comes to their salt supply and salt delivery.

While one customer may prefer to have salt delivery directly to their facility, another may want the convenience, savings, and shorter wait time associated with picking up products at our plant. For this reason, Cope offers both salt delivery and pick-up options to suit your needs.

Solar Salt Delivery

Solar salt delivery is offered on numerous products.  Cope Salt carries bagged products in a variety of sizes and brands as well as bulk loose solar salt.  We keep a steady year-round inventory of packaged and loose salt, ensuring our customers always have access to what they need.  We have our own fleet of vehicles including dump trucks and tractor-trailers with lift gates.  Our friendly and professional staff pride themselves on superior service and timely deliveries.  That is why Cope Salt is the premier salt supplier.

Solar Salt Delivery - Bagged Products

Our premium Cope brand solar salt is available in 40-pound and 50-pound bags.  This bestselling product contains no additives and is all-natural.  In addition, we carry Sun Gems and several products from Morton.  These products are available for delivery and pick-up.

Solar Salt Delivery - Bulk Loose Salt

Bulk solar salt is delivered in full truckload amounts which is approximately 22 to 24 tons.  It can be used for commercial and industrial water conditioning or ice melt purposes.  Some of the industries we serve are pharmaceutical, food processing, manufacturing, hospitality, municipal, educational, laundries, car washes, healthcare, and retirement communities.

If you want smaller quantities, customers are welcome to pick up amounts as small as one ton.

Contact us to discuss your water conditioning needs and which product is best for you.  We would be happy to assist you with your solar salt delivery requests.