Guaranteed Insurance Product Program

Prevent Increased Cost and Product Shortages

The Cope Company SALT offers a Guaranteed Insurance Product Program to its customers. Based on our customers’ various needs and usage levels we have developed 4 different tiers to the program. If you choose to participate in the program we will always have your inventory on hand and ready for you when you need it, with the flexibility to purchase what you need at the appropriate time for you.

Please take some time to review the program then Contact us to sign up!
Level Product Qty Bagged/Bulk Delivery Guarantee Program Cost
Diamond 36 pallets or 2 Trucks of Bulk Within 10 business days $3,000
Gold 36 pallets or 2 Trucks of Bulk n/a $2,000
Silver 18 pallets or 1 Trucks of Bulk n/a $1,000
Basic 9 pallets (NA Bulk) n/a $500

By selecting one of the program options above you will be guaranteed the specified product quantity in the product(s) of your choice through the availability dates. We will hold this product in stock for you and will not sell it unless you release the product. As an example, if you choose the Diamond level and choose to guarantee a truck of Halite and a truck of Cope Performance Blend, throughout the season we will reserve this product for your exclusive use and will guarantee 10 day delivery. Another example would be at the Silver level and you choose Calcium Pellets, the 18 pallets would be available for your exclusive use throughout the season, but there would not be a guaranteed 10 day delivery. If you would like to guarantee more than two truckloads, each additional truck of product guaranteed would have a program fee of $1,000. As an example, if you wanted the Diamond level, but wanted to guarantee four trucks instead of two, the program fee would be $5,000. Any ice melt product we carry can be selected to guarantee including bulk loose. Prices for guaranteed product will be locked at the published price at the time you sign up. Product pricing will be the same for program participates and non-program customers. Product will only be paid for as you take possession of it under your normal terms. While you are guaranteeing product availability, you are not committed to buying any amount of product and you are not limited to your guaranteed amount. You can buy what you need when you need it.