FAQ Ice Melt – Why Does Salt Melt Ice?

buy ice meltYou can buy ice melt here, but do you know which ice melt product you want to buy or need to buy?  Ice Melt products vary greatly.  You need to choose the right ice melt based on the application, temperature, and environment it’s being used in.

Read our FAQs below and search the ice melt products we carry.  If you have any additional questions you can email us.

Which product is the most environmentally safe ice melt?
Magnesium chloride is the most environmentally safe ice melt and is often a component of agricultural products.
Which product is the most pet-friendly ice melt?
All products will typically not be harmful if a pet were to ingest . The biggest issue is frostbite and irritation on a pets paws. Both magnesium chloride and calcium chloride are pet-friendly since they create heat (exothermic) to melt ice, thereby reducing the chance of frostbite. Magnesium chloride is less irritating than calcium chloride, therefore magnesium chloride is less damaging to pets’ paws. Rock salt lowers the freezing point (endothermic) of water, thus the melted ice can be at very low temperatures causing frostbite on paws.
Do you have enough ice melt products for the whole winter?
The Cope Company Salt purchases over 100 trucks of ice melt products in the fall. If more is needed, we have access to additional supplies. However, product purchased later in the season usually costs more and results in a price increase.
Will the price go up mid-season? If so when?
We purchase over 100 trucks of ice melt product in the fall at a fixed cost so that we can provide stable prices throughout the winter. However, if we are required to purchase additional product, the price is usually higher. This causes us to raise our price. When or if this occurs depends on the winter conditions.
What is the minimum delivery?
We will deliver one pallet, although there is a delivery charge for single-pallet delivery. There is no delivery charge for two or more pallets.
What’s the difference between magnesium, calcium, rock salt (halite), and a blend?
We have created a chart to explain the differences in ice melt products which you can find at www.copecompany/icemelt.html. Magnesium is best near vegetation, Calcium is best for melting ice in less than an hour, Cope Performance Blend™ is best for consistent melting over time, and rock salt/halite is best for large areas not near vegetation with time to melt.
How many bags are on a skid?
The number of bags on a skid depends on the size of the bag. There are (100) 25lb. bags on a skid, (63) 40lb. bags, and (49) 50lb bags, or in the case of magnesium and calcium there are (48) 50lb. bags per skid.
What’s CMA?
CMA is very effective product to start the melting process. It is a very expensive product, so it is not typically used routinely. Cope Performance Blend™ is coated with CMA to achieve the benefits while minimizing the cost.