FAQ Water Softener Salt

Buy solar salt, or water softener salt at Cope.  Read our commonly asked questions first to determine whichbuy solar salt product would be best for you.  View our full list of water conditioning products or email us with a question.

What is the difference in solar salt crystals and pellets?
Solar salt is salt from the sea that is separated by evaporation. Salt pellets are mined salt that is pressed into pellets and is typically referred to as “cleaner salt”. Both solar salt crystals and pellets are over 99% salt, but salt crystals will have some impurities. The amount of impurities in solar salt crystals depends on the source of the product and how it is handled. The Cope Company Salt chooses to only purchase solar salt from reliable vendors that provide a clean product.
What kind of salt is best for extending the life of my water softener?
Salt pellets are the cleanest product and leave less residue in the brine tank of the water softener. Since both pellets and crystals are only producing brine for the softener, one product is not better that the other for the softener. Some water softener manufactures recommend only salt pellets to be used in their water softeners (i.e. Sears/Kenmore). Pellets tend to have less bridging (salt clumping) in these systems.
How big an effect on my health does using sodium chloride in my water softener have over using potassium chloride?
For the general public, the research shows there is no effect with normal usage. For some people and certain health conditions, there could be an impact. We recommend you discuss with your doctor if you have questions in reference to low sodium diets. Typically, an 8oz glass of softened water contains about the same amount of sodium as one slice of white bread.
What makes salt bridge in my water softener tank?
The water level may have gotten too high in the brine tank. This usually indicates a problem with the venturi jets in the control module. Having the unit serviced is the best solution. Other than that, break up the salt as best you can and remove it. Then put new salt in the unit.