Brine System

The Dilemma

Consistent brine supply to the day-tanks of water treatment systems is a labor intensive, dangerous, and time consuming task, complicated by the continual monitoring necessary to provide consistent brine. The traditional method for maintaining this process is to dump bagged salt on a daily or weekly basis into the day-tanks of these systems, which puts employees at risk of injury, harms the environment and is inefficient.

The Solution

Autobrine WebsiteThe AUTOBrine® provides a best in class solution to this painstaking task and offers a simple way to manage salt brine levels to extend the life of your equipment. The Cope Company Salt (TCCS) offers a turnkey solution that eliminates risk, reduces cost and carbon footprint. AUTOBrine® has one of the shortest ROI’s for facility management equipment and service vendors.

How It’s Done

TCCS handles the complete installation and service Autobrine Websiteof the system. Once the system is in operation, salt levels are remotely monitored and deliveries are made automatically so the system has a constant supply of salt. Loose salt crystals are delivered by truck into the below ground brine maker using our patented scale system. The salt mixes with fresh water and the fully saturated brine is stored in the tank. When needed, the salt brine is automatically pumped into the day tank, providing fully saturated salt brine for a consistent supply to the water treatment system. If an above ground tank is being utilized, fully saturated brine is delivered via tanker truck.