The Cope Company SaltSalt Company (TCCS) started in 1968 providing salt products for water softeners, ice melt, and food-grade applications. Over the past several decades, TCCS has been regarded as one of the premier salt suppliers for a variety of industrial and commercial facilities. Servicing customers ranging from pharmaceutical manufacturers to property management, TCCS is known for its expedited delivery, knowledgeable service technicians, and overall industry knowledge that equip our personnel to help determine the right solution for your facility. The company introduced its own patented salt-delivery solution in 1989 and has acquired two patents on the AUTOBrine®, a unique salt-delivery system. This solution continues to revolutionize the salt industry and has built a reputation nationwide, all while TCCS continues its unparalleled service.

Why use Cope?

1. Punctuality
4. Quality
2. Reliability
5. LTL Deliveries
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