Is Pool Salt the Answer to The Chlorine Shortage?

Possibly, but there is some background information and a few details you should know first.

It was just over a year ago. Words that were at one time so distant from regular discourse started to engrain themselves into everyday vocabularies. “Pandemic” and “Quarantine” sounded like notes from a movie script, and yet their 2020 global debut revealed that this was far from a fictional story fit for the screen.

When we collectively stayed in our homes, we attempted to find ways to pass the time. There was an early and overwhelming start to spring cleaning, causing donation centers to put out revised guidelines on what is given. There were ovens that housed more baked goods and breads than ever before, bringing flour to a position of demand that suppliers were simply not prepared to meet.

Today, in a similar turn of events, it is chlorine. Pools have allowed people to safely escape without ever leaving their properties. As a result, the need to maintain these water retreats have become incredibly significant and have put chlorine in high demand. Yet, with the Louisiana chlorine plant fire and continued rising necessity for this pool maintenance chemical, the upcoming pool days might see a ripple effect of modifications in how they are kept clean for use.

If you are having trouble getting your hands on chlorine right now, you need to start thinking about a Plan B. If not, in time your pool will become an invitation for unwanted guests, colors, and bacteria to reside. Investing in a salt-chlorine generator forces your pool to create the chlorine that you are finding hard to come by, using pool salt. The process may not be easy and may initially seem slightly expensive. However, the time and cost pale in comparison to the amount of work and money that will be required to bring your pool back to what it once was if it goes untreated too long.

Hence, pool salt may be the answer to recreating those summer memories in the midst of the current chlorine shortage. If you already own a salt-water pool, then this reality may not be as concerning as it is for others. However, even you may need to restock on your pool salt supply. Check out our options here and for more information on any other salt needs you may have, contact us here.

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