Meet The Expert On Ice Melt Types

When it comes to ice melt types, the possibilities are endless and without education, choosing the right one for you can be an overwhelming feat.

  • What kind of surfaces are you looking to protect?
  • Which ice melt types have the melting temperature you need?
  • Should you consider something that’s pet friendly?
  • What additional advantages should your various ice melt types accomplish?

Don’t get lost in the shovel of your winter maintenance efforts. We’ve got you and your roads covered. We sat down with this year’s Cope Open House Keynote Speaker, Wade Kessler of EnviroTech to give you a sneak peek into his presentation on ice melt types at our most anticipated event of the year:

  1. Can you tell me about your instructional background and years of experience?
    • I have a M. Ed. Leadership and am a former teacher.  I have also been with EnviroTech for 12 years.
  2. winter ice melt outlookWhat is EnviroTech Services?
    • EnviroTech Services Inc., is a manufacturer of deicing and dust control products. We are a privately owned company that was started in 1989.  At ESI we have a full R&D Department, along with a Quality Control Department.  This enables us to stay ahead of our competitors.
  1. What have been your prior speaking engagements on ice melt types?
    • I have been doing presentations for EnviroTech since I started with the company. I’ve spoken at various trade shows, training sessions, industry conferences, and road shows throughout the country.
  1. What is the importance of education on ice melt types and products?
    • As things continue to improve and new research changes the industry, it is crucial we continue to learn about the latest technology. We are seeing many new regulations being implemented that are requiring our industry to reduce chlorides.  Education is key to not only staying current but ahead of what is coming.


  1. What can Open House attendees expect to receive from your session?
    • The attendees will learn about the advantages of treated bulk salt, as well as salt brine additives. Effective ice melt types, working t
    • emps, reduced application rates, corrosion reduction, etc.


  1. How will that benefit the attendee?
    • It will help improve their overall winter maintenance programs by lowering their cost of ownership, increasing productivity, and being better stewards of the environment with ice melt types.


  1. Will you have a Q&A session?
  • Yes, definitely.

According to the Farmer’s Almanac, the 2022-2023 Winter Outlook is calling for icy, snowy and unreasonably cold weather – otherwise known as ice melt required conditions. Learn how to respond well with the right ice melt types for the season at our upcoming Open House – October 14th, 2022. Get up-to-date information on the all the latest technologies, best weather maintenance practices, application advice on ice melt types and so much more. Don’t miss it! Register here.

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