Understanding Winter Storm Alerts

Do you understand the alerts issued by the National Weather Service?  What’s more serious – a warning, watch or advisory? 

Winter Storm Warning

Snow, sleet or ice expected!  Take Action!

Confidence is high that a winter storm will produce heavy snow, sleet or freezing rain and cause significant impacts.

Winter Storm Watch

Snow, sleet or ice possible!  Be prepared.

Confidence is medium that a winter storm could produce heavy snow, sleet, or freezing rain and cause significant impacts.

Winter Weather Advisory

Wintry weather expected.  Exercise caution.

Light amounts of wintry precipitation or patchy blowing snow will cause slick conditions and could affect travel if precautions are not taken.

During the winter season, keep an eye on the weather so you are prepared for ice management.  Cope Salt offers a variety of products for pre-treating, anti-icing and de-icing for all surfaces including roadways, walkways and parking lots.

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