Liquid Brine for Anti-Icing

What is It

Anti-icing is the application of liquid brine (salt water solution) to surfaces before a winter storm hits.  This proactive approach focuses on combating ice before it has the chance to stick.  Properly applied, liquid brine prevents ice from bonding to surfaces and lowers the temperature at which water freezes.

Liquid Brine – Who Uses

Liquide brine for anti-icing is used by anyone who needs to keep surfaces free from ice such as transportation agencies, municipalities, property management companies, contractors, retirement communities, schools and businesses just to name a few.

Where to Use

On surfaces such as roadways, walkways, sidewalks and parking lots that need to be kept safe and ice-free.snow ex liquid brine application

When to Use

Watch the forecast regularly, as weather conditions change, and apply before the storm starts.

Why it’s Popular

The use of liquid brine jump starts the melting process.  It Increases the performance and longevity of salt on surfaces.  In addition it reduces the amount of salt needed proving to be more cost effective and friendlier to the environment.

The Cope Company Salt manufactures liquid brine.  For more information CONTACT US.

Cope AUTOBrine® customers have the option of installing a brine tap on their systems to access liquid brine as needed.  More information about brine equipment.


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