5 Important Advantages of Ice Melt

It may be March, but it’s never a bad time to consider the benefits of using an ice melt product for winter safety. The advantages of ice melt appeal to homeowners, business owners, and renters alike.

Advantages of Ice Melt

1. It’s affordable

Too often, people make the mistake of choosing not to buy ice melt as a means of saving some money. However, this mistake can be costly. The consequences of not using ice melt during winter weather are much more expensive than the product itself. Stay on the safe side and invest in ice melt each winter season.

advantages of ice melt

2. It removes ice

This may seem obvious, but ice melt’s ability to dissolve ice is arguably its most important advantage. Unlike other products, ice melt prevents ice from forming on surfaces such as asphalt, concrete, stone, and more. Whether it’s used to pre-treat a surface before a snowstorm hits or spread on an area that’s already icy, ice melt does an excellent job of eliminating slippery surfaces and making roads and walkways safe.

3. It’s safer for plants and pets

Unlike rock salt and chemical products, ice melt is safe for your plants and pets. Rock salt can fry your foliage or burn your pet’s paws. It can even be lethal if your pet accidentally ingests it. Ice melt, however, does not present the same risks. While no ice melt comes without some sort of warning, it is a much safer alternative to harmful chemical products, and it’s kinder to our pets, gardens, and grass.

advantages of ice melt 2

4. It can keep you from legal troubles

This is one of the key advantages of ice melt, especially for business owners. As a property or business owner, it is your responsibility to keep your area safe and prevent the potential for injuries and lawsuits. If someone slips and falls on your property because of an icy, untreated surface, you will be the one to get the bill. Worse, you may even get hit with a lawsuit if the incident is serious enough. That said, using ice melt on the surfaces surrounding your home or business can reduce the possibility of a potential lawsuit or liability claim.

5. Increased safety

Like we mentioned above, ice melt makes walkways much safer for pedestrians. Additionally, it helps to ensure safe passage for motor vehicles as well, even from the onset of a storm. According to the Snow & Ice Melt Association, ice melt can significantly “reduce the risk of accidents on roads and highways by preventing hazardous conditions to form on steep grades, bridges, sharp curves, in problem intersections, and on other potentially dangerous roadways.”

Now that you know some of the important advantages of ice melt, it’s time to pick one that works for you! Head over to Cope Salt’s products page, and browse our selection of ice melting products.

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